Water Supply To Western US To Reduce By Up 20%-Report


A collaborative report between climatic change scientists and the US government released yesterday painted a grim picture about the future of water supply in the western part of the United States.

“As climate change bites, millions of problems will be caused,” says the government report.
Water supply in some of the largest river basins in the United States could drop by up to 20% before the end of this century, said the interior department report.

South West and the West are among the regions that are experiencing the fastest growth in the United States.

Those rivers supply water to a total of eight states, from California to Texas.


Among the rivers that have been mentioned in the report are the San Joaquin and Rio Grande which are said to expect 20% and 8% reduction in water volumes.

According to Mike Connor of the US Bureau of Reclamations, impacts to water resources are among the first results to be experienced with climate change.

Stretched supplies

The report is prepared to help the authorities prepare to mitigate the risks to water resources in the western part of the United States in the 21st century.

Ken Salazar termed water as the “lifeblood of the region” and if the supply is reduced, the West and South West could be hard hit. It could even get worse because these regions continue to experience dramatic upsurge in population.

According to him-Texas, Arizona and Nevada, three of the driest states in America are among those which are registering the fastest growth rate.

“These adjustments will most likely affect the water supply in the west, which is already stretched in meeting demands for irrigation, drinking, filling our lakes for important activities such as boating and fishing and generating electricity,” Mr. Salazar told the media.

The report which was released Monday will assist officials comprehend the long term effects that comes with climate change on water supplies in the western parts of the United States and will help inform the formulation of strategies that will aid in sustainable management of water resources.

The changes in climate could seriously affect water supplies to farms, wildlife, recreation and many other centers, says the report.

“Climate change continues to add to the challenges which we have always faced in managing our water resources and with possible serious constraints in future, partnerships among stakeholders will help,” said Anne Castle. This will definitely affect the direction which future policy will take.

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