Water Supply To Reach More Area And Supply To Be Greater Than Ever


It seems that good news is in the offing for the residents of the Coimbatore Corporation’s North Zone as it seems that their water supply is going to be finished and they will have access to fresh water at last. It may have taken time, but the end is in sight and life will be so much better.

It is believed that there is going to be the final touch put to the scheme and the 150km pipeline and that additional water would be piped into the area. It is always good news when additional areas are the recipients of fresh water and the TWAD board are pleased that they have been able to do this as part of the Pilloorr II augmentation programme.

This it seems is not the only project that is up and running and many other areas are soon going to have an updated water supply. It is likely that Chinna Vedampatti, Kalapatty and Saravanampatty will be the next to benefit and it is not believed that they will be the last. The new places to benefit will get the water as a result of the diversion of water that had been surrendered after the Pilloor scheme was put into place.

When taking into account that the residents are only able to access between 50 and 70 litres per capita, it will soon rise to about 135 per capita thanks to the fact that the main is finally laid as well as the distribution network has been properly organized. Life is going to be a lot easier for many people over the next few months, but there may be delays but this is not likely to cause major concerns and will only highlight the benefits when they are in place.


There have been other changes as it have just been revealed, and that is the fact that the residents in these areas are now covered by the Coimbatore Corporation. Residents are expected to see a slight change right away, but have been promised that over time the flow will improve and they will get the amount they have been promised.

It is going to take time for this to get up to speed as at present the areas are not even getting half of the amount that they have been told they will receive.

It is hoped that there are no long term problems that may delay future schemes.

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