Water Supply To Be Re-Instated In Pune


It has been reported that there is to be a twice a day water supply returned to Pune according to the Pune Municipal Corporation, It is expected that this will be in place as soon as Thursday and this is going to be good news to the people who have been feeling they have been left short.

There are 4 dams who provide the water to the city and as of now they are all full and ready to be used. There have been issues over the last few days and a great deal of water has had to be sent into the Mutha River and it is estimated that as a result the loss has been at a discharge rate of 5,000 cusecs. Wednesday was believed to be the worst day for this and it is Wednesday’s figures that have been quoted.

There has been a demand from activists that the water supply should go back to the level it had previously reached. Political parties have been happy to give them their support and it is quite likely that this has a lot to do with the fact that there is likely to be the declaration of elections and will be looking to all side for support.

The problems with the delivery of water has been further hindered as there has been little in the way of rainfall until fairly recently and there has been a history of bad management in the past. Both the state and civil departments have been involved in irrigation even though there had been warnings from the meteorological department that the monsoon would not be as useful as it had been in previous years.


Since the middle of July there has been a better rainfall and as a result the main reservoirs were allowed to refill and it seemed that it was then the time to allow the water to be distributed but this had to be halted as there was yet another dry spell.

There is going to be 1,250 mld twice a day and there have been concerns as there were levels less than 3 times lower than there was in 2013. September seems to be the turning point and as a result the requests for reinstatement has been listened to.

Irrigation officials have defended their position by saying that at the time the dams were full so there was not water taken from elsewhere.

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