Water Supply To Be Cut Off, But NWC Can Not Say How Long Repairs Will Take


News is coming out of Jamaica that there have been a number of incidents and it is expected that there will be massive disruption in the service that is offered. The National Water Commission has made the announcements and explained that the problems have been caused due to the fact that there has been serious damage caused to a couple of the serious transmission mains.

It has been reported that it is the supply that comes from the Rio Cobre/Tulloch Springs as well as the Constant Spring system, although at present there is little known other than both incidents have taken place within the last 24 hours.

It is known that it is going to cause difficulties as the areas of both Portmore and the Corporate Area are going to be affected as these two systems are the places where the majority of their water comes from.

Word has been received from the NWC to say that there was going to be all the stops pulled out in an attempt to get as much of the work as possible carried out in the shortest imaginable time. There are warnings that people living in the areas are going to start by experiencing very low water pressure and it could be as bad as there not being any water available at all. It is for this reason that there will be so much effort put into getting the repairs done right away.


The areas that are going to be affected have been named and unfortunately it is a long list and includes places such as Spanish Town Road, Constant Spring Road, Mannings Hill Road, Half-Way-Tree and Portmore. There have been other areas suggested and in a manner that makes it seem that the NWC do not know the full extent of the problem they have added that “surrounding communities” will be affected as well.

Something that is bound to be the most worrying for the people involved and that includes the ones that know they are affected and others who are not sure, is the fact that there is one major piece of information that has not been disclosed by the NWC.

They have not said how long they expect the repairs to take or what order they would be carried out and this is not going to do anything to pacify people who are already worrying about their service and wondering if there is anything else they can do.

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