Water Supply Restored After Flooding


It has been confirmed by Anglian Water that all of the houses in Immingham who have been off the grid that there water supplies have been reinstated. It was said to be a quick repair that meant there were few people left without water for long.

The cause of the problem was a burst water main that flooded gardens and was so severe that it has been reported that there were thousands who had been left without any water at all.

A spokesperson explained that the burst took place in Stallingborough Road and it seems that there are many gardens there and also in Hume Brae that were left under around a foot of water. As soon as the water leak was stopped, the water began to drain away leaving the area much easier to visit.

It has been reported that the decision to close Hume Brae was made by the police and this was to control traffic in and out of the area. Although some water drained of its own accord, there were a number of council officials who were called in to help remove the water out of the area.


It was not just homes, but also a number of businesses that were affected and were left without running water. A decision had to be made regarding the school and in the end, Coomb Briggs Primary School primary school closed. It was also noted that Immingham Police Station was affected and their water was cut off as well.

One passer-by who saw the area at its worst remarked that it was “like the Amazon”.

One elderly resident who lives in Hume Brae said that she had been left feeling “shaky” and said that she was not able to cope with what happened. Maria Pursglove said that this was not the first time that this has happened and it happens whenever there has been a thunderstorm.

Clive Crossley and Vanssa Suddaby have been praised for the way they have been helping neighbours. It is also reported that neighbours are working to make sure that everyone is OK.

Anglian Water spokesperson apologised for what has happened and said that one leak was in the process of being fixed when another one occurred letting additional water into the street.

He went on to say that they understood that it was disruptive for residents and thanked them for the patience they had shown.

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