Water Supply In Danger As Lead Pipes Are Causing Problems and Many Limerick Residents Need to Use Standpipes to Ensure Safe Water


Residents in parts of Ireland are being warned that there are going to be problems in the near future when it comes to their water supply. Kennedy Park, and Southill among others are going to join the list of places that are having to find ways to receive lead free water.

Séighin Ó Ceallaigh who is Sinn Fein’s City East councillor has warned that it is likely that lead is going to be found in the pipes due to the fact that there is still so much of the older estates still using lead pipes. Standpipes are being used in Ballynanty and Killeely already and it is expected that there will soon be a further 200 residents who need to do the same.

Cllr Ó Ceallaigh has said that it seems clear that it is the earlier built estates that are at risk, and this has been accepted by the council. He has warned the people in the area he represents to prepare themselves to go through the standpipe process that is currently used elsewhere.

He is insisting that if there is to be a charge made by Irish Water then there must be all stops pulled to make sure that the water they are paying for is good quality. He went on to add that he disagreed with the idea of charging but if it happened the water had to be clear and not risk making anyone ill.


He has insisted that there needs to be much quicker testing and told of the anger felt by his residents both about the charges and the water quality. He pointed out that due to the fact that there are many babies and children it is vital that the work is carried out quickly.

Another councillor, John Gilligan of St Mary’s Park has been angered that this work was not carried out a long time ago after finding out that his patch was also involved. He explained that the new legislation has not come as a surprise to Limerick Council as it was something that was discussed some time ago.

He explained that he had warned them what was about to happen but feel that he was ignored and nothing was done, leading to the situation that residents were finding themselves in at the present time. He ended by saying with regard to the council, “we kicked the can down the road”

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