The Indian state Pune, is now facing a dispute of the water supply in the country between the committees of the Parisar and Mohalla. The citizens of the Pune state have demanded to the PMC (The Pune Municipal Corportation) to take the proactive steps in streamlines the water supply conditions in the city.

The (NSCC) National Society for Clean Cities, which is the umbrella body of all the citizens of the Pune and the groups, currently held a meeting with the department of the water supply officials, which are worked under the PMC.The main agenda of the meeting is that the members of the committee have emphasized on the irregularities in the distribution of the water to all the parts of the city. They should be treated equally in the supply of the water to the Pune residents.The members expressed their views, that the civic body should have a pro-active approach and strong strategic planning to control the abnormalities of the water conditions in the city.

The members had complaints against the junior operator, who has harassed the residents of the Pune to not maintain the equitable conditions of the water supply and threatened that he would not open the valve to fulfil the demands of the residents for the water. The resident complained that they are getting less amount of water through this process, which is insufficient for the survival of the citizens in their daily life usage of the water. They shared that such person should be treated strictly.

They have also highlighted the indiscriminate behavior of the Mayor on digging the roads to supply the water in the city.


They said that

“The Roads in the Pune city are dug only on the holidays and the weekends.This process continued sometimes during late nights which have made us suspicious.”

Without the proper permission of the road department, no one should be allowed to start the digging road project. Such projects are the sole responsibility of the officials of the civic who are authorized to allot an alternate and new connection.

The ward officer of the specific area, must be informed about the working projects, which are in the process in the locality and should be approved properly after gaining the clearance from the authorities. Such project needs a proper planning for the water supply conditions and the changes should be made in a subsequent manner. There are many illegal connections of the water in the city, which should be noticed against the PMC, who have supplied those water pipelines in the illegal areas of the Pune city.

The residents demanded about the help and the complaint lines, where they could record their complaints against the illegal connections which are approved by the elected members and who are not interested to get interfere in their water supply projects. The issue needs a special squad who could carefully detect the directions and the real motives of such water supply fraud in the city.

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