Water Supply Cut As Defeated MP’s Refuse To Leave Official Homes


Despite the previous attempts that have been made to remove a number of former union ministers from the official accommodations, Mohd Azharuddin, Jitendra Singh and Ajit Singh are still living there. In a last ditch attempt to remove them the decision has been made to turn of the utilities meaning that there will no longer be any water or electricity provided for them.

This is covering 30 houses that the former officials have refused to come out of. An NDMC official has been speaking about the issue confirming that the threat had actually been carried out. They emphasizes the fact that there had been plenty of time given for them to do this of their own accord and this really was being done as a last resort. They added that there was a report outlining the case and it was now with the Lok Sabha Housing Committee.

It has been reported that there had been attempts made by the police to resolve the situation but this had met with “stiff resistance” at Tughlaq Road which is the location of Ajit Singh who is the former Civil Aviation Minister.

It appears that the Lok Sagha Housing Committee has been reviewing the way in which houses are allotted to MP’s when they first become eligible for them. An official has outlined the deadline given for the three to move out and said that when they missed the deadline, the power was cut off the following day.


There have been a number of organizations involved and while the majority of the houses had their supplies suspended by the NDMC, there were some who received the same treatment from the CPWD.

The issue arose when the MPs lost their seats in the elections during the summer and were told that they would have to be out by June 26th. This information has been passed on by a Directorate of Estate official.

It seems that in just a very short period of time, the loss of utilities appears to have done the job it was meant to do. As a result of a latest report there are now just 15 of the original 30 properties that need to be repossessed. There could be further vacations in the next few days, but if this does not happen, there has not been anything revealed as to what the next stages will be, or where the new MPs are being housed.

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