Water Supply Complaints Leave Single Mother Afraid And Having To Pay A Heavy Fine


While there are residents in some parts of the world who are complaining that they are not able to use all of the water that they want there are others in a much worse position. Californian residents may face fines for using too much water, but in Jizzakh in the district of Dustliksky, there has been a fine levied on a woman who only complained that there was not enough water allowed to be used from the local reservoir. Ruhia Bajitova wanted access to additional water both to be used for personal use and in order to carry on farming.

For daring to make this request she has been fined around US$70 which for her is two month’s salary.

There was a court case held and despite the fact that it was supposed to be taking place in the next few days it was suddenly decided to hold it right away. Ruhia was found guilty and the charges had been slander and affronting the state. These offences are covered by Articles 41 and 42 of the administrative code.

Much of the case was concentrating on an argument that had been carried out involving Ruhia and one of her neighbours, but it seems that little or nothing had been made of the fact that she has been constantly harassed by local police since she first made the complaints. The complaints she actually made was that the water supply was faulty.


In her defence she made allegations that there had been a great deal of both psychological and physical pressure put her on by the local police force. The court refused to accept that complaint despite her description of them as being harsh and long lasting.

All of the incidents that happened in the past month included having her evenings disrupted by late night visits, a number of insults and threats as well as physical violence. It is reported that there was no help from neighbours as they would join in the insults.

As a final way to defeat her, the court case was carried out before she had been led to believe and when it happened it was confusing for her as she was not fully aware of the process that was being followed.

Now that the ordeal is finally over, it has said that the mother of two who is bringing them up alone is now living in fear and feels that her life is in turmoil.

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