Water Supply A Major Issue In The Ireland Terrified The Government


The Ireland’s water supply issue is becoming the new crises in the town where other majority countries are also working to conserve the water resources in the country. With the start of the 21st century, this issue becomes the hot topic for the Irish as the water is the basic resource of living alive in the country.

The water, which is always considered to be the basic element for the survival of the human life, wildlife and the plants. But with the paucity of this major source in the country, not only create a hype in the areas where they are planning strategies to save the water and supply limited to the public which used them at their daily use. Under the pressure, which is imposed by the transboundary conflicts, policies of the capitalist growth and the changing of the climate, the country is losing water supply in the most parts of the Ireland.

The Irish book author Maude Barlow highlighted the major issues which are based on the water politics in the Ireland. She said that the country is suffering from the water paucity due to the demolish of the fresh water supply, unfair accessibility of the water for the rich and the poor states which includes the people and the injustice they do by discriminating the richer and poorer shares in using the water supply. Lastly, it is because of the justice of water, especially for the indigenous communities and the women.

According to the Pearse Doherty the government should scrap all the charges which are implemented on the water usage and cancel the water of the Ireland. But the Sinn Féin has reversed such policies which are implemented on the Irish Water.


In a new report as submitted the Irish government is setting channels to send high bills which is almost 1.7 million to the people who are registered and also to the people who are not a registered user of this water service. It includes all the people, whether they have paid the bills or are not using the water for their daily use. Such actions could raise the major debates in the country as it overburdens the person’s pocket who are not earning enough to pay such high bills.

With this view the Irish Water has already announced an addition in the number of consumers of the water hired a service agent of Abtran which is the Cork-based company. According to this almost 750 agents would be available to attend calls from the general public who have queries about the billing commences. The people could discuss their billing issues and could get the guidance about the registration on the Irish water consumers. No matter whether they are registered, non-registered or not using any drop of water, they need to pay the bills to the Irish authorities. Certain investigations are conducting for this Irish water billing plan which is based on to charge all the consumers in the country.

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