Water Supply A Big Issue During The Election in India


Elections and bye elections will always throw up issues that are hard to deal with, but in the Lucknow East Constituency the main issue that is being brought up by many residents is water. Complaints are being made that it is both dirty and supplied in an erratic manner and it can be incredibly bad in certain parts of the constituency.

Reports are out from all political parties that they are taking a close interest in the issue although residents are still showing concern that once the election is over, the problem will be forgotten and they will be left with the problem.

The Mahanagar, Mahanagar Extension and Badshahnagar areas that are mainly residential with just a few commercial sections are totally dependent upon water that is taken from around 200 tube wells. There are reports out that are showing that because so much water is being collected this way, the water table has been depleted to an extent that has risen to fears that it will run out.

Demands are being made that new waterworks are provided for them but so far none of the parties have been able to say that there will be a solution provided in the near future. Lack of funds is being blamed for both the fact that there are no new water supplies being provided or that the wells are not being brought up to date, despite the fact they are in a great state of disrepair.


Mahanger Extension resident Ragini Dixit says “We live on the third floor, so usually, the water is unable to reach our floor. We have to depend on domestic pumps to get water.”

Residents in Gomtinagar are largely reliant on water from Kathauta Jheel (Third waterworks) that is filled from the Sharda canal. There are times when the canal has to be closed for up to 35 days in order for it be cleaned and residents report that during that time, the supply to the reservoir stops.

At the best of times there is only 22 days’ worth of water held and while there is a new reservoir being built, it is only going to provide an extra 10 days’ worth of water.

A Jal Sansthan official has told reporters “Apart from times when the canal is closed, houses located in elevated lands and far flung areas of Gomtinagar also complain about poor supply.” They continued “Since certain localities are comparatively new, many houses are still not having proper supply lines.”

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