Water Scarcity! The Mexico City Is In Crisis


A terrible water crises issue is arising in the Mexico City and the issue is getting worse with every passing day!

The population of the Mexico City is growing rapidly, but the water resources are becoming low and shrinking – according to the reports.

According to a affirmed report, the Government has estimated that the $590 investment per year for the consecutive 40 years is needed in order to improve the infrastructure of the water of the Mexico City.

The city with the population of 22 million is experiencing a terrible water scarcity and it is depending on the truck in order to bring the water to the neighborhoods. An environmental scientist, Juan Jose Santibanez said on the issue.


According to the Santibanez, for the two million people in the Iztapalapa, 1,000 truck are distributing the water to meet the people’s needs, bit unfortunately, this is not even near to the needs of such huge numbers of the people.

According to the reports, the residents are not at all happy and satisfied with the services because they are not receiving the quantity of the water they need and they are also not happy with the cost as well.

The locals said that sometimes, it takes almost five days to their request of the water and that is simply not a good situation at all. The residents also said that often they are unable to buy the other important things like the diapers for their babies just because they have to pay to get water. A resident told!

The locals, who don’t have the financial position to pay for the water are getting the water from the municipal taps and filling up containers to make use of it.

This terrible crisis is mainly because of the problem of the water infrastructure. Because of the leakage issues, the Mexico City is losing around the 1,000 liters of the water per second. This is just terrible.

According to the Jose Cohen who is the director of the documentary film that is covering the water problem, “40% of the available water is missing to the leaks”.

He said, the remaining 60% of water that we are using is coming from the aquifer that is drying up as well.

According to some people, the “rainwater harvesting” may be the part of solution.

Enrique Lomnitz, who is an engineer that has just came back to the Mexico after completing his study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), worked to get the contraptions installed in order to collect the rainwater on the homes.

Enrique Lomnitz said that it is possible to solve the water scarcity problem by installing the contraptions in order to collect the rainwater and that should be good enough to overcome the water scarcity issue in the Mexico City, but unfortunately, the financial and the political barriers are in the way to get the installations on every single home.

It is a question now that what thing or solution will solve the water scarcity problem in the Mexico City?

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