Shortage of water can be a bigger problem, even more than the thought of the people who are doing the researches from a long time.

A senior water scientist in NASA experimental lab whose name is Jayy Famiglietti and he is working in a technology institution of California mentioned the dangers of scarcity of water in his new edition of book about the change in the climate and nature.

The scarcity of water in the world is a serious threat for all of us and for the security of water as well according to the newspapers.

The problem is raising a serious threat for the universe.


According to the report of some resources limited supply of water in the important countries like Japan, California and many other countries is getting low with time, until it will no longer be existing.”

The areas that are in danger like the high plains and the aquifer valley in USA, the plain of North China and many other are included in this list. The water supplies of water that people use from underground are getting low day by day and they cannot fill that level again in such a short period of time.

Without the water reservoirs that are not able to last for a long time, the security or water is a big risky thing for the whole world. It will be far more dangerous than the present time.

Jay was telling about the big challenge that the people of USA are facing that is drought.

In the past time it was not possible for us to answer how will the people of California will overcome this water scarcity problem but now they did the researches and took out an estimation that how much amount of water is required to fulfill the needs of the people and they are now working on it.

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