Water Quality Poor In New Orleans As Residents Smell Sulfur In Their Supply


There was a sudden strange smell in Chase Chauffe’s water and he described it as “sulfurous like eggs” and it seemed to come out of the blue.

Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board have blamed this on algae that has been found to be growing in the Mississippi River. There are parts of it that have been finding their way into the drinking system and it is because of this that a musky taste and odour has been detected. This is the reason that has been given by Robert Jackson who is a spokesman for the organisation.

There have not been any great amount managing to get in and it is believed that there are only some who will be aware of it and they will be the ones who have a heightened sense of smell.

It has been stated that there is no need to be worried about it and regardless of the smell there is nothing wrong with the water and if tested the federal standards would at least be met and more than likely exceeded.


These remarks it seems have not been well accepted by resident of New Orleans who are now concerned about the ability of the filtration system that is in use. When asked, resident Crystal Shelton has said “I don’t trust the New Orleans drinking water by any means.”

His remarks were answered by Jackson who was able to confirm that the water was still being tested a number of times a day.

It is apparently not unusual for this sort of algae to be around the River and this is not the first time there has been a change to the smell but it does seem to be the first time that there are concerns. It happens every few years and there have not been any identified casualties. It gets worse in warmer weather and according to Dr. Jim Wee the algae is “more abundant in the warmer months.”

Chauffe has not been put off enough to stop drinking the water and there have been promises that monitoring will still be carried out.

It is believed that activated carbon will work to cover both the taste and the smell if it gets too bad. There have been concerns regarding links to a brain-eating amoeba in St. John the Baptist Parish but there have been assurances that there are no links to this outbreak.

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