Water Quality Issue the Main Focus at Three-Mile Lake Association AGM


Water quality, safety and health care were the main focus in the recent Three-Mile Lake Association annual-general meeting.

The president of the association said that they were happy to invite three guest speakers to address local water issues and they include: Allen Edwards, Larry Butterfields and Dr. Peter Sale, who chairs the Watershed Council.

Edwards mainly focused on Port Carling Nursing Station.

“As our population and membership in Muskoka get older, thee facilities get   more important to us,” said Tanner.


He said that the health station is one which is very close to the lake, so its importance cannot be underrated.

Butter field provided a light hearted, yet informative presentation about the state of water safety and also clarified some myths about the regulations.

“All of us use water for one thing or another in most times and it’s just good that we have this perspective of coming together to promote water safety,” said Tanner.

Three Miles is a police patrolled area which has seen several fatalities in the past three years.

“It’s just through ignorance and not considering water safety,” he further said.

Sale, the third speaker mainly talked about water quality by breaking down the results of a recent study which was done on the Dee River watershed. This river is the biggest provider of water to Lake Rosseau.

A decade ago, the warm and shallow lake was reported to have had blue green algae blooms which were considered to be dangerous. He said that the safety and health of this important lake is something that needs to be talked about seriously.

In other water quality news, overnight rains have been reported to be affecting water quality in Huntington Beach, but remains safe for people who want to swim. This is documented in an Erie Beach report which was issued recently.

Tests that were carried out recently show that the levels of bacteria in the water level are within acceptable levels.

However, in the Edgewater Beach which is nearby, the level of bacteria is too high to the extent that that swimming advisories were posted.

With the temperature levels being around 71 degrees today in Huntington and adjacent areas, many people may want to swim in the beach, but the advisory remains.

According to Ohio Nowcast, swimming advisories are in effect today in some of the Lake Erie Beaches including Nickel Plate and Vermilion Beaches in Erie and Lorain Counties respectively.

Water quality tests are done everyday and daily updates provided. The sample collection points are Huntington, Villa Angela and Edgewater beaches.

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