Water Quality In Yorkville Needs To Improve According To Local Restaurant Owner


It appears that there are differences of opinion when it comes to the quality of water in Yorkville. It seems that the Town Officials and Ray Stibeck who runs the Route 20 Outhouse are disagreeing as Mr Stibeck has raised concerns regarding the discolouration that is being supplied to his night club and restaurant. He beliefs that it must be a health threat, while the officials are trying to reassure him that it is not.

According to Mr Stibeck there is no particular colour to describe the water as it ranges from yellow through to brown and on occasions it has even been black. While Mr Stibeck has concerns his customers seem to take it in good humour and some have even made jokes regarding the name of the establishment.

There is one thing that Stilbeck is happy about and that is the fact that there are filtering devices on his equipment, so ice makers and other items used at the bar are not affected.

The discolouration is being blamed on a high amount of iron in the water and this is because it comes from an underground well rather than from Lake Michigan. It is for this reason that the Town officials claim there is no problem with the water that comes from Racine Water Utility.


According to Gary Hanson who is the Yorkville Utility Manager a softening system would help the Route 20 Outhouse as it appear to have worked for many of the restaurants neighbours who at one time had the same problems.

Along with a neighbouring property the restaurant has recently had its water tested and according to Hanson “everything came back normal.” He also reminded people that there has never been a violation faced by the town despite having to regularly supply samples for analysis.

It is reported however that this is not enough for Mr Stibeck and he wants there to be further testing and to this end is arranging to send off samples himself to a couple of different laboratories. His is also considering installing chlorination equipment to see if that improves the colour of the water.

Town Leaders are taking the concerns seriously but don’t see what else they can do. The ended by saying that discolouration from well water and expect that softening equipment should help.

An update will be received after the issue has been discussed at the next Water Utility Commission meeting.

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