Water Quality In Doubt as Chemicals Flow into Fishing Water


There are plans to carry out a number of tests and then retests to the water that flows around the area of Bridgeport after there have been reports that there has been a lot of contamination caused a s a result of a fire that has been burning for some time and has still not be extinguished by Friday. It is The Department Of Energy And Environmental Protection who are going to be carrying out the work.

Due to the ferocity of the fire there was a lot of water needed in order to put it out. Concerns have arisen as it seems that there was a lot of chemical waste that was poured into the Yellow Mill Channel. It is known that perfume was one of the items but not if there was anything else and as the items would go on to Bridgeport Harbor with its ultimate location being the Long Island Sound.

Although the full extent of the problem is not yet known there has been a fishing ban. This covers the area from Bridgeport to Fairfield town line and then further along the coast and covers the Houstonic River. There may not be a major issue but the fears are enough to make the Department of Energy And Environmental Protection impose the ban.

The latest ban is much smaller than the one that was originally put in place as with this the ban was covering a larger area and went from Norwalk all the way down to Milford.


There have been some who feel that the ban has been put into place in haste, with Shelton residents stating that there was no intention to keep the fish that were caught so there would not be a health problem. The DEEP where not prepared to take the risk that this would be the attitude everyone took and were aware that some may say they would not then change their minds.

Along with a friend, Sylevester had arranged to visit Milfords Gulf Pond and fish for baby blue fish and feels that the idea he may be in danger just standing in the water was a little over the top.

It is expected that there will not have to be a great deal of work carried out to improve water quality and that the chemicals will dissolve on their own if left for a short period of time.

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