Water Quality In Combe Martin In For A Boost


South West Water have announced that as of next week there is to be a project underway that is going to provide cleaner seas around Coombe Martin. The scheme is going to begin next week and it has been estimated that it is going to cost in the region of £2million.

There will be an underground storage tank constructed and it is going to be 300 cubic meters and based in the Glen Lyn car park. A larger tank – this time 325 cubic meter one will be in the parish council car park and again this is going to be underground. At the same time that this is happening, there will work carried out to upgrade both of the sewage pumping stations.

It is believed that once the work is completed, there will be less storm water sent into the River Umber and therefore wet weather will mean less of a threat to the village. A lot of the work is being carried out as there is new legislation about to come into play in 2015 and this is regarding bathing water. If the work does not happen the European standards may not be met and there could be fines, or even worse, the risk that the waters will receive a poor rating and not be classed as fit for use.

Mike Court who is the senior manager and overseeing the project has said that it shown there is major investment in Combe Martin and that it is going to be enough to keep them within the new guidelines. Officials in Combe Martins find this to be of special interest as it can mean the difference between there being a successful tourist season and a failing one.


It has been reported that this work will not prevent the businesses from trading and there have been calls for locals to still take the time to visit and support them throughout the time it is going to take – and this is expected to be until early 2015. Roads will be closed although there is the hope that work will not be carried out during the Christmas period which will be vital for some business owners.

If any residents are concerned that there will be disruptions they will be able to get details, as it has already been established which roads will be closed and which areas will not face any disruption at all.

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