Water Quality Described as Near Perfect At Some of New Zealand’s Beaches


The description of the water quality at some of their beaches will have been a boost for the residents of Auckland, and especially the ones who are most involved with environmental issues and tourism. It is claimed that in some it was near perfection and when taking them all into account, there was a great improvement over the previous results.

According to the recent report that has been released, there were a group of places that came out with top quality water and that included Little Oneroa Beach, Takapuna Beach, Big Bucklands Beach and a number of others.

The research has been carried out as Auckland Council’s Safeswim programme and their intention to improve the standard of the water. As a result 1,021 samples were taken so it is clear that it is a serious attempt to look at the problem and involve as many areas as possible.

69 sites had been selected and monitors went out each week to collect the samples. It has been shown that 92% of the samples met health guidelines and these were taken between November and March when use of the area would be high.


It is the history of the sites as well as the amount of people using them that determines if an areas is tested or not according to Swimsafe. Residents are kept informed as if there is an issue with an area there are signs erected and they will not be taken down until a series of re-tests have been carried out and the new results meet with the high standards expected.

As a result of the work there was a 23% reduction in the amount of days that warning signs are displayed compared to the figures released for last year.

Wayne Walker who is the chairman of the Environment, Climate Change and Natural Heritage committee. Is proud of the results and says that it shows the improvements that have been achieved. He went on to say that while Auckland residents are so proud of the coastline, it will continue to be an area that is maintained and kept in top condition.

It was not all good news however as there were a few areas that were pinpointed for not have the quality of water that is expected and among them were Laingholm Beach and Piha South Lagoon where it was found that non-compliance was as high as 62%.

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