Water Filtration Installation by Nestle


Many different steps are being taken by the state regulators of California which has been facing a drought condition. Particularly, waste water reuse option is given consideration. Nestle water is also trying to contribute in this practice. It has been looking forward to spend some funds in the installation of a new filtration systems at a plant in Modesto. The plant is located 90 miles east of San Francisco. This new filtration system will save the waste from being poured down to the drain and the waste will be reused left over from making carnation condensed milk. This will not be stored and used as fresh water rather it can be used for the cleaning and cooling purposes. This while process of reusing the wastewater will save more than 60 million of water every year.

Nestle which is the largest water bottler of the United States has been criticized that there is a shortage of water in the state and instead of cooperating the state to save water and fulfill the requirement of the local users, the company has been exporting the water outside California. This criticism pumped the Nestle water company to initiate some steps to overcome this problem of drought situation by saving as much water as they can.

Eddie Kurtz, executive director of the Courage Campaign which is based in California, criticized the use of bottled water and forcing the state regulators to cut down the use of bottled water and according to him this is a wastage pf water in this severe condition through the state is going and shutting down of the business in California will save satisfactory amount of water. To give a reply to this criticism, Nestle clarifies the overall condition and need of water.

At one end, the company is installing the new filtration system, on the other hand, a senior executive at Nestle water spoke about the issue that the state lacks the infrastructure through which the problem of drought can be minimized by saving water. Amendments are needed to be made in the infrastructure instead of blaming the company and the industry. Reducing the business of the company will not create any significant effects as the estimates of the states tells that the annual requirement of water in the California state is over 13 trillion gallons and if the consumption of the company is seen, it has five plants of bottled water and four food factories in the state of California and the annual consumption of water of all of these businesses is around 1 billion gallons. This is only 0.008 percent amount of water if it is compared to the entire state’s usage of water.


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