Water Cut Restriction may not be followed by California Agencies


The drought situation in California is forcing the state to impose some new laws to stop the agencies from pumping of the water from rivers to the farms. State authorities has notified the agencies to be cautious in this severe drought conditions in the state and should implement the water cut strategies which government is making. But the Central Valley water agencies have been found being engaged in the running of their pumps to the farms, thus they are taking part in the saving of water.

When an extra ordinary step was taken by the board of the state water according to which strong water right holders of California were to be sent the limitation notices, the order to stop drawing water from rivers and streams was started to be obeyed by several suppliers and now the agencies have argued due to that compliance that state cannot or fine punish the people for such drawing cases of water.

Rick Gilmore, general manager of the Byron Bethany Irrigation District in eastern Contra Costa County said that there is uncertainty going through the district about the order. They had been following that and pumping of water was not being done since the order was given but now the planning is being done to begin the pumping again.

Rules given by the state authorities are being questioned and attorney of Tracey district, Jeanne Zolezzi also said that the state board’s attorneys have made a conclusion that the notice given regarding limitations is not going to be accepted due to being its questionable, therefore such notice is considered to be without any use and effect and water districts which agrees with the board attorneys are found to be writing to the state board about that.


Farmers of the state of California are taking into consideration the defiance step against the government orders and already there are two irrigation districts in which farmers have decided not to give any importance to the letter and not participating in the cuts of water during this drought period.

A crackdown has been seen from the state on the people not obeying the water cut policies which include individuals, businesses and water users from agriculture sector. There more tough water cuts being experienced in the urban areas. An analysis was done which gave the findings and according to them, 135 communities have to face 35 percent water cut and the position for 18 communities is that they are experiencing 10 percent of the reduction in water consumption. Remaining agencies of California are required to cut their usage of water till 20 to 25 percent but few of the agencies are confronting the state restrictions and deciding to keep pumping the water for their use as it had been done regularly earlier.

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