Water Conservation Schemes In Elementary Schools, California


On Wednesday, the several thousand elementary schools from the Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and others gathered at the US Irvine campus California. The sole purpose of this educational campaign is to spread the Water Conservation education or awareness among the children. The education was based on the practical exercises for the students, to teach them how to conserve their daily use of water.

The drill was based on the science and other related subjects according to the state standards of education. This Water Education Festival for Children was a two-day event, which acquire largest bill as almost 70 free activities of the education for the children from grade third to fifth grade were planned during this event.

California is the severe drought area, where excessive water is damaging the fertile land planned many strategies to conserve the water in the country. The plans are starting from the consumers, who used water daily for their lawn to the hotels and restaurants where water usage is in huge amount.

The event basic purpose is to develop thought of water conservation deep into a child’s mind. According to the Eleanor Torres, the public affairs director in Orange Country Water District and the organizer of the festival. Such education is important for the children of this age, as our country is severely facing the highest level of droughts from last 19 years. Many students from these schools are interested to start their careers in science or environmental subjects and it is important for them to experience such kind of exercises and events in such early age for better understanding about their interested courses.


Children’s were very excited to attend this great educational course. They had visited the Aldrich Park and participated in all the activities which are specially planned to create awareness among the teachers and students for the water conservation in the country. The activities contain almost 20 minutes each to complete.

The event was equally important to bring more awareness among the teachers. According to the Kaiser Elementary School teacher of the fourth grade Tricia Lamb, such activities are good for the students as it will increase their knowledge about the water and its conservation tips which could be much beneficial for their future. She further added

“The activities have taught her students about recycling, conservation and the water cycle. And with the drought going on, this is even more relevant.”

Many public agencies and non-profit organizations hosted the event and its education activities for the water conservation. The children were happy to learn about the state water reservoirs through a spinning a wheel activity. The activity contains a wheel which rolls and after a turn it landed on the leaky faucet which is fixed to the ground. The students need to add 8 gallon water from the bucket into the reservoir. The water later landed on the “drought” tub and later it was scooped out from the drought. The students added beautiful rubber ducks on the reservoir which beautify and added the fun in the activity.

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