Water Conservation Policy Not To Be Ignored In Summer


On Monday, the United States small town UTAH COUNTY which is known for its sharp, big and scary looks with the ordinance of the water in the state. For a couple of months, the country is working to control the water shortages in the state which is expected to be a critical situation in the coming years. The Government of the State is taking precautionary measures to control the water shortages in the country, by introducing the certain policies and the tools to conserve the water in the country.

The Mayor of the Salem City Mr. Randy had passed an order for the residents of the country in a working committee meeting in the year 2014 before giving the water usage ordinance to its residents.

He said in a meeting that people should carefully notice about their water usage habits and how they there cooperation with the ordinance of the water could control the critical situations of the water shortages in the country for the next several years. He expressed his view that almost 99 percent of the water, which are conserved by the residents during the four consecutive drought years, which faced the country and loss plenty of the water in the country.

The remaining 1 percent of the residents doesn’t care about the water wastages in the country and are not following the water ordinance which is passed by the country authorities from all several months. The residents should realize the need of the time to conserve the water and should play a vital role in saving the water conditions in the country.


The authorities also charge a big amount to the residents who waste the water by breaking the rules. They would be charged much heavier, if this ignorance towards the water ordinance continues as it affect on the all residents of the country who are taking part in the water conservation schemes in the country by limiting their water usages in their lawns, fields and other related places. It is estimated that almost $750, would be paid at the start, and it will increase tremendously with the offenders who are irritating the water conditions and breaking the laws of the water conservation rules.

On breaking the water ordinance policy rules and ignoring the warning send by the State authorities, the residents would be failed to get the water in their houses by the system of the irrigation in the whole year of the 2015.

The Utah is ranked among the most dried states of the United States. The abusive actions of violating the water ordinance for the water conservation are one of the reasons, that authorities are taking the actions. The residents of the country believe in to water their lawns for the fresh greenery, but they are unable to cope with the scarcity of the water which is a serious breakdown at the firing incident, where the houses burned due to the shortages of the water.

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