Water Conservation Plans To Be Drawn Up As residents Of Toledo Asked To Keep Saving Water


If the residents of Toledo thought that water conservation was going to be relaxed next year then they would be wrong. Plans are in place to carry it on and the main reason has been the problems caused by algae. Conservation is seen as the best way to allow the system get rid of the bacteria and such drastic measures are needed due to the age of the system.

The Commissioner of water treatment Tim Murphy has spoken about the intention to limit the amount of water used and said that it is part of a scheme. He was speaking to about 250 residents at the Toledo Rotary Club and the main topic of the talk was the quality of drinking water.

He admitted that while there was to be a scheme the details were not yet in place. One idea that Mr. Murphy put forward was to allow houses on one side of the street to use extra water one day and then another side use it the next day.

The idea that there needs to be water conservation was confirmed by the Mayor D. Michael Collins and he said that they were going to look to other areas and see what they were doing and what had worked in areas the same size as Toledo.


Residents have been asked to try and cut down the amount of water that they use day to day and the next stage is going to be to cut the capacity of the water treatment plant. There will now be 74 million gallons per day treated as opposed to 120 million gallons that has been treated in the past.

Although it was not possible to say what would happen Mr. Murphy has been able to give details regarding one suggestion that will not be going ahead. As it would cost $400 million to provide Lake Eerie with a second water intake, it was a scheme they could not afford.

The main thing that came out of the Rotary club debate was the need for a long term solution and agreed that there needed to be a scientific answer to the problem. The algae is the main cause of concern and plans need to be put in place to prevent the phosphorous that is there from feeding it and allowing it to expand.

It has been suggested that farmers are to blame and it is their fertilizer that is a major contributor.

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