Water Conservation Plan Would Affect The Agriculture Sector Of California


The California has been working on the water conservation strategies for the last couple of months. Due to lack of rainfall and excessive droughts in the country, it is to be believed that the country would suffer from the biggest shortage of the water in the coming years. Due to this crisis the Government of the California has planned several strategies to lessen the usage of the water in the country. The problem is bit solved with the maximum area of the country are working under the rule of the conserve water in the daily use. In some areas, where the water theft is reported, on the other side the new point arises that with limited water supply in the areas, could damage the agriculture sector of the California. It will occur, especially in those areas, where the crops, fruits or the food fields need much water for their growth.

According to the latest survey, one more point arises that restricting the water consumption in the household would fail the strategy of the water conservation in the country. The Government should focus on the agriculture which consumes more water and if it is ignored, then it could seriously blow the fair share in the competitive market. The plan should be implemented on all the consumptive factors of the country.

In a report submitted by the Public Policy Institute, about the water usage is that the growth of the almonds is highly effective with the water usage. It requires much water for its growth, which is much more than the usage of the householders and the business in the San Francisco. The estimation was recorded from the 2013 almond growth report. The problem is that almonds are mostly exported which means the country is also exporting the water to the other countries. The need of the time is some person within the country could deal with such nut export and the water couldn’t share with the outside country, but dealing with the nuts is not a source of making the money in the country without exporting.

The country already produces almost 450 commodities in the different climates which us rough estimates of the agriculture. Most of the farmers are trying to control the usage of the water through the geographically planting which contains most crops which are appropriate with the climates in the country. This technique, which introduced in controlling the water consumption in the country is called as “dry” farming. On the other hand the mine water, which is used for the mining materials such as copper, when use the water, it only produces profitable ways of making the money from it.


The main target of the country is not to consume water for the future use, it should be revolved around the mission that how we could allocate the country water in a sensible way without damaging the export or agriculture sector in the country which could be severely decreased the economic conditions in the country.

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