Water Conservation Needs To Be Taken Seriously Before California Is Hit By Health Issues and Long Term Problems


In a follow up to a request made back in April, Jerry Brown has again asked that water use is reduced as it appears that his previous request fell on deaf ears. Things have in fact got worse a recent report has shown, and there is now a real risk of severe drought conditions being called.

It seems that officials have now got beyond the stage of asking and are going to start issuing the fines that have previously just been told may be given. There could be fines of up to $500 per day for those who are not careful with the amount of water they use, and the local agencies are glad that they have been given this ability via the Water Resources Control Board.

The most worrying thing is that there has been a health impact assessment released shows that there needs to be a long term and short term plan that can be carried out, while still ensuring that there is no harm allowed to befall residents.

The idea of rising prices sharply has had to be discounted as this is going to have a serious impact on the lifestyle of many of the poorer residents and there are also health concerns if parks and open spaces are not kept as a green oasis for all.


It seems that lessons have been learned from the problems that were faced in Australia when the option to save water was to allow the parks to die off. In the same way there are problems that could be caused if there was an effort made to treat additional water as there could be a detrimental effect on the quality of the air.

It seems there is little that can be done in the short term and even the long term outlook is not good. It is likely that there will have to be a combination of both price increases and the need to use less than was already being used.

It is expected that this is going to be the future of life in California and that there will need to be a number of agencies involved to make sure that the problem does not get out of control.

There are plans afoot that will help, even if they are not available right away. It is hoped that more water efficient washing instruments will be developed and there should be more recycled water going back into the system.

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