Water Conservation Needed In Palm Springs and It is Hoped That Residents and Council Staff Can Work Together


Palm Springs residents are aware that there is a lot of water being wasted and in some cases it is down to their actions that the waste is taking place. With a combination of garden watering at the worst possible times and sprinkler heads not being repaired but left to let the water cascade along the street. It is for this reason that they will be the first place in the Coachella Valley region to have water conservation measure put in place. It is reported that there will be a carrot and stick approach, as there will not only be restrictions put in place but rewards offered for those who do act to save water.

Paul Lewin a Palm Springs Councilman has said that this is an important decision for the city.

The restrictions have come at a time when it is accepted that there is likely to be the worst drought in 100 years and in response to this the water agencies and the governors’ office are working together to make the projects work.

It has been reported that this is not a short term response to a long term problem, but will continue well into the future as it is accepted that one rainy season is not going to be the answer to a lot of problems.


Lewin continued to explain that the city was going to make sure that the change would be permanent and would change the attitude of the residents to the water they have and how it has to be used.

It is believed that there will be a ban on lawns being watered from the hours of 7 am to 7pm and cars can only be washed if the hose has a shut of nozzle. While it is accepted that this alone is not going to solve the problem it is a step in the direction towards preventing water waste.

It is hoped that there will be a great change through education alone although if there is a refusal to co-operate then there will be sanctions. The council is certainly putting their money where their mouths are as they are not expecting their residents to suffer if they do not. To prevent the use of extra water they are planning to remove around 5 acres of lawn from outside council properties and also cutting back on the size of the city’s golf course.

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