Water Conservation In Action As Car Washes Help To Save Water


Water conservation does not seem to be high up on the list of things to do for many people but there is a car wash owner in Hays who is upgrading an old plot and bringing in new technology. While there is work underway at the Car Wash on 27th Street, it is reported that the new car wash is going to be much more impressive than the one that was there a number of years ago. It is needed in the area and residents are bound to be impressed when it is opened.

Larry Chaffer who is the new co-owner of Buff Car Wash expects the business to be completed and opened later in the year. He has explained what they have done and why it is going to make this a superior car wash. There are going to be a couple of IQ touch automatic bays and a further two bays that will be self-serve. The really impressive thing about this is that they will be in a position to not only meet but exceed the water conservation limits that the city currently has in place and make city chiefs very happy.

As the vehicles enter the bay, there will be a scan taken and this means that each car is going to be subject to a customised wash. In order to make sure that the most efficient wash is achieved, there are new brushes installed to ensure a deep clean.

When talking about the business that is about to open. Schaffer has explained that there will be 50% less water that will be needed for a traditional non manual car wash. He goes on to explain that as a business they are going to continue to do all that they can to make sure that the car wash is able to save water but also provide a good quality wash.


He explains when you wash it in a driveway that water cannot be retrieved. As compared to a carwash, we capture most of the water that is used to be lost, which is processed and reused.

He is hoping that his facility is going to be as successful as a similar one that was set up in Great Bend around a year ago. Larry Schaffer and his son own a number of Buff Car Wash locations, with there being 4 others on top of the 27th Street branch.

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