Water Conservation Has Improved In California


Measures are being taken by all the water authorities due to the increased drought situation in United States. Regulations were not strict earlier and consumers were involved in wasting water recklessly but now water officials have taken some serious steps to save water as much as they can.

California which is one of the most criticized state if use of water is concerned. Its Orange County was the most inefficient one and was at the top of the list in wasting water as it is considered to be the wealthiest part of the state and people were reluctant to save water but now through Billboards and TV commercials, personal visits to the living roomsguess-your-water-use booths, and provision of awards for water stinginess, authorities have been successful in changing the manners in which people of California were living earlier and were not careful for the water conservation.

California state has set a target of reduction in usage of water around 24 percent and surprisingly the second largest water district in Orange County, Santa Margarita area is very close to achieve the objective of the state. Water District has been serving more than 154,000 customers, it asked the consumers through a letter to minimize the outdoor watering and use the water for significant purposes only. The letter further said that the state has come to the condition in which every drop of water is required to be save d that is why every homeowner and business must take part in it. Almost half of the usage of water is on the outdoor irrigation which is needed to be controlled through that the target of 24 percent water cut will be achieved.

What measures were taken?


Some strategies were made in order to implement the order fully for example city was put billboards everywhere regarding water saving and above 2000 homes were selected to visit. Meetings were held with the customers in their homes to make them completely aware of the situation and another strategy was to give awards to the customers which are taking it seriously and lead the list of the customers in the saving of water.

Rebates are also offered to the people who are willing in the removal of the grass and installation of the low-flow toilets, more efficient washing machines and drip irrigation systems. All the hard work done by the state has paid off well and improvements have been seen in the conservation of the water.

For the implementation of a plan, it is not only important to have strong measurements but also communication is necessary to provide the information. When everyone is fully aware of the conditions, it helps in the implementation of the measures important to achieve the target.

Water authorities are facing the challenge of more water consumption in most of the wealthy areas. Low income areas are more concerned in saving water therefore the importance of cutting the water consumption of wealthy consumers increases more to bring them down with the low income consumers to remove the disparity factor.

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