Water Conservation Gets A New Spokesman


The Desert Sun has reported that Conan O’Brien has become the new spokesman for the water conservation.

Because of his new position, O’Brien will be appearing in series of announcements by the public service which is promoted by Save Our Water and the Natural Resources Defense Council. These are statewide programs that assist the people of California put their water to good use and minimize wastage of this very important resource.

Immediately O’Brien assumed this role, he has stepped up the effort calling for conservation in order to combat drought in California. This water saving pitch was first brought up by Lady Gaga through a short video which she released to a rousing reception. The Comical Conan O’Brien has taken up this noble task with zeal and zest and stakeholders are of the opinion that he will be able to manage the conservation’s communication’s tasks more effectively.

The initial public service announcement got introduced by the host of the talk show- Californians drink-up-to a cheerful jingle: “The water is all gone. … Try sand!”


In another related story, there is a huge debate regarding water conservation and surge in immigration in McAllen.

In a recent water bill, the city of McAllen included a flier which had an announcement for highly innovative awards that form part of McAllen Public Utility Water-Education-Program. This award seeks to recognize organizations, individuals and business concerns which demonstrate innovative methods when it comes to matters of water conservation in Allen.

According to Juanita Cantu, it is full of irony that the second stage of water restrictions became effective from April 2013 while the McAllen public utility continue to waste water by irrigating several parks with sprinklers at the hottest times of the day when the rate at which water is lost to evaporation is pretty high.

“I tried calling the public-utility department, but was shocked to be informed that how water is used is determined by the Parks and Recreation Department. Although the reason why the program was put in place is to award groups and individuals for their innovative ways of water use, I do believe the city itself has failed in its task of informing the people of McAllen that their daily use per person stands at 87 gallons per day against a budget national average of 100 gallons per day, “said Juanita.

Juanita Cantu further said that “if the city isn’t educated on how to use water effectively, how then does it expect its own citizens to effectively conserve water?”

In other news, city of McAllen spokesperson said that the government is putting in every effort to make sure that the city’s water resources are conserved. This follows a complaint by some advocacy groups which allege that that there is massive wastage on water resources in the area. The spokesperson also said that future needs assessment will be done to determine the future requirements of water in the city.

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