Waste Water Project Will Be Funded Up To Record Figure Of $1.6 Billion


EPA (Environment Protection Agency) which has decided to the largest public work project of Sacramento County which is related to the wastewater. EPA will give a loan for this wastewater project of $1.6 billion. Highlight of the loan is that it is going to be provided at low interest amount from the Clean Water State Resolving Fund. This low interest rate will allow the borrowers to save almost half billion dollars as compared to the loan if taken from the traditional funds providers.

This Clean Water State Resolving Fund is a program through which funds have been provided to improve the water infrastructure so that the people of the entire country can get access to the clean water by making the quality of the water better and assuring the restoration of drinking water sources. CWSRF has been a source of funding for the wastewater projects, nonpoint source pollution control, and watershed and estuary management since last 25 years. Funds which it provides to all of them is around $5billion annually. This fund.

In all the states of the country, CWSRF programs have been working successfully in which funds are given through the government grants. Till now, over $100 billion of funds have been provided to the communities so that the issues can resolved and the valuable resources can be sheltered and ultimately standards set for the safety of environment are met.

Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant is planned to expand by the help of recent Echo water project and the funds for this Echo Project are going to be given by Clean Water State Resolving Fund. The Sacramento Wastewater Treatment plant which is said to be serving over 416,000 homes at the moment, is expected to expand more and become a source clean water for more houses at a low cost.


This project is concerned with the mitigation of ammonia which is released from the operations being done for the wastewater. Ammonia along with other contaminants like nitrate is discharged from the wastewater projects and then goes into the Sacramento River. Now it is being targeted that the amount of these nutrients should be reduced and keep the water clean and consequently this quality improvement of water will make the environment better as well. Water will be recycled by this project and then it will be ready to be supplied and deliver for the projects which are going to be made in the future related to the wastewater.

This project will be a great opportunity to save the water which is necessary in the current situation of drought that is predicted to be more severe in the future.

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