Washington View: How Possible is Harmony on the Waterfront?


These days, there are many facilities that are located a long a waterfront. It’s a fact that these facilities are mostly looked at with disdain, but people normally don’t comprehend the reasons why those factories were established in such locations.

These factories were set up there because in the past, some raw materials could only be brought in through water. The factories also got their water supply without interruption.

But as state of the nation moved on, highways, railroads and airports were added and industrial areas were created. Relevant laws were set up which created cities, ports, counties and many more. Many improvements were carried out and jobs were created.

Governors who have held offices in the past made the development of their regions as their cornerstone of their leadership. For instance, Gov. Booth Gardner crafted the Team Washington which lobbied for the attraction of high technology establishments to Southwest Washington. Without his effort, there is no doubt that these facilities would have been set up in Oregon.


However, urban dwellers , especially those who buy condos that are located along the waterfronts consider industrial facilities to be an obstruction to their exterior views.

Some also consider the facilities to be a source of annoyance to their lifestyles. Some of these people also view the facilities located along the waterfront as an eyesore which needs to be demolished.

For many centuries now, manufacturing facilities have been building along riverfront. For instance, along the river banks of Columbia and Washougal rivers, you will find highly efficient producers of facial tissue, napkins and paper towel. These products do not have   digital substitutes.

However, with waterfront laws being enacted and improved on, there have been many instances where manufacturing facilities along riverfront have been moved to controlled areas.

The waterfront laws which most states in America have enacted are aimed at making sure that the environment is conserved while also ensuring that no water contamination occurs.

With state organizations such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency working with state governments and other agencies to come up with the best laws that promote the development of industries while also making sure that the environmental ecosystems are well managed.

There was an agreement that there was need to share the waterfronts with manufacturing facilities because the products that they provide as well as the jobs which come about due to their existence helps to contribute to the economic empowerment of the residents.

With proper legislation, there is no denying that industrial facilities can exist harmoniously with any neighborhood no matter of the station in life or one’s income level.

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