Washington To See A Great Deal of Development At the Waterfront


When there is a lot of demolition, it seems that there will soon be a lot of rebuilding and the area is going to look so much different than it did. That is why that as soon as reports come out regarding redevelopment there is a clamour of people rushing to see the plans.

With the talk of so much reconstruction being carried out in Washington it seems that there is a new dawn and the urban neighbourhoods are filling as soon as a property becomes vacant. As a result it seems that the old areas, Whiter Flint, Tysons Corner and others are being redesigned and money is coming in from all over the world as everyone wants to be at the party.

The question that is now on everyone’s lips is regarding the people behind the story and they all want to know who is ordering the work and bringing in the bulldozers. If stories are to be believed there are three main players Amer Hammour of Madison Marquette.

It seems that the Southwest Waterfront is going to be hit with higher prices as more and more people want to live there. Talking about his ideas and his part in the development he said “When I first started, I realized I was just spending way too much time on the details,” Make them imagine it as being built already. ‘Wouldn’t it be great to own a wonderful, mixed-use community in the middle of Washington, D.C., one of the best cities in the world?’


Then there is Diane Hoskins at Gensler who takes time to deal with the people and gets to understand how they work. Talking about her role and the way she wants to see the work done she said “You’re sitting in your open-plan area and you’re doing your focused work, and two seats away there’s five people gathered around a workstation and somebody on the speakerphone, and they’re all collaborating.” Along with the new designs it seems that she will be the person pushing for better conditions inside.

The last word should go to Marc Ratner of StreetSense as he will be designing the adult play areas- bars, cafes and sidewalks. He explained that he knew the mood was changing regarding work life balance and that“The millennials were going to live differently, work differently, shop differently. They wanted a different way of life. They were moving away from standard, static brands. And they wanted a sense of authenticity.”

The visionaries have shown their ideas for the future and reports show they are being well accepted.

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