Was The Aim Of Coke Low?


Announcement has been made by Coca Cola during the previous month that the objectives of sustainability for water 5 years has been achieved earlier than the expected time. On this achievement, environmentalists and analysts praised the performance of the company. But along with the appreciation, questions were also raised that was it very easy for the company to meet its goals?

Coca cola said in the month of August that at the end of the year, Coke along with its bottlers will reach the objective according to which the water would be returned to the environment and societies. Around 300 billion liters of water is used by Coca Cola every year and it gets succeeded in making finished beverage of quantity of almost 160 billion liters.

Andrew Winston who is an environmental strategy consultant, raised a point that although the efforts of Coke cannot be forgotten but did the company aim for very low? The answer to this question is no as it was due to the commitment shown by the company which made it possible so early. However, he pointed out some flaws in the strategy used by Coke.

If the case of Coca cola is seen, then we can say that the company has hit the targets with a pace that is faster than it was supposed to be. This happens because of the presence of inadequacies in the system which can be adjusted with the help of minor investment. The big concern is replenishment but is has been killed by it on efficiency due to which the total amount in liters is brought down which are required to be replaced.


Another flaw found with the Coca cola is that the focus of the company is on the single portion of the water it has been using. Total water use of water when was calculated by The Nature Conservancy that was before 5 years, it was found out that the company had the control over just one percent of the water use in operations. The consumption of most of the water was by upstream, majorly in the growth of crops.

Coca cola was exposed regarding the approach of the company for the sugar and obesity which is an issue that is occurring and increasing with rapid pace. Company has been rebuked many times to consider the cutting of calories so that the issue like obesity can be fought and minimized.

It is necessary for all the giants in the food industry that the full value chain must be focused and also the ingredients of the product. Now many companies are concentrating on the reduction of sugar, fats and salt and Coca cola must also set targets so that improvements can be brought into the yields.

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