Voluntary Water Conservation In Connecticut


Drought has been prolonged for almost 4 years and now it is showing its effects in another state which Connecticut. Measures are being taken now to be safe for the future and utilities are being forced to have a check on their supplies by the authorities of the state.

Although, currently the level of water is above in the reservoirs of the state than the level at which it must actually be but as the dry spell is getting longer, it is very important to keep an eye on the supplies and public health officials of the state are claiming to the close watch is being kept over the matter.

Half of the southern part of the state of California is facing the drought situation at a moderate level while the northern part is entirely under the drought abnormally.

According to the authorities, city of Bristol which is near Harford, has the water supply condition that is below the normal level which can affect the city majorly in the future. Public health department of the state has now directed the water utilities to take those customers into consideration who are voluntarily agreed to conserve the water. The measure of conservation is going to be implemented until a significant amount of rain comes.


In the instruction given to the water utilities of entire Connecticut state, officials of public health department mentioned that normally, the precipitation is not at the level which is seen this summer, this year, it has been very low and during the summer season, demands for water increases as well. All of these factors put a stress over the supply of water which is needed to be monitored with great care.

One of the sectors getting effected the most is the agriculture and farmers are suffering the poor situation in the state and it is going to be difficult for those to get involved in the conservation program by those who produce vegetables and fruits.

This is not the only state at the East Coast which is feeling the pressure situation. The 3 reservoirs of the state which are beside the Hackensack River have a capacity of 45 percent collectively. The resident of North Jersey are being asked by the United Water to save water voluntarily. Sterner measures for the water saving have been taken by the officials of Allendale and told that the well system is under severe pressure. Also 4 towns which are taking water from Ridgewood Water System are on an obligatory water conservation.

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