Visit Virginia Employment Commission To File A Weekly/Continued Claim Online


Virginia employment commission work force allows you to file claim against unemployment benefit, partial claim and file weekly/ continued claim online. All you need to do is provide your personal and employment information along with mode of payment and file a claim. This process will take 45 minutes to complete.

What are the Requirements to file initial weekly claim?

  • You must have a computer with internet access
  • Keep social security number with you
  • Accurate details about employer name address and contact information along with dates of employment of last 18 months. In case of Non Virginia employee you need to keep your all personal details handy.
  • Local number and name of Union.
  • To choose Debit card as payment keep all related information of card and in case of direct deposit keep account details such as account number etc…

On which terms someone should not file Virginia claim?

  • You should not attempt to file claim of Virginia if your last employer was from other states than Virginia.
  • Your employment must be performed in state other than Virginia but make sure only in that particular state within last 18 months.

How much section does an application have?


Every application contains five important sections to file a Virginia claim.

  • Personal information: In which you have to provide information such as your name address contact details which will let you informed that either you are eligible to file a claim online or not.
  • Employment information: In which you include all information of employment regarding last 18 months with solid reason that why you are not working with company anymore?
  • Eligibility information: In this section you provide information about your availability for recent job.
  • Unemployment instructions: In this you are provided with information that helps you to keep your claim active.
  • Preferred method of payment: In last section you identify mode of payment either Debit card or direct deposit.

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