Visit Multiplication For Free Parent Sign Up


Multiplication is allowing teachers and parents to sign up for free. All you need to do is provide activation code which you can get from teacher or school of your child and enter your personal details to get register with Multiplication.

Once you are registered with website you get access to all the functions and services provided by Multiplication. You can check progress of your child through various quizzes and pretest multiplication.


  • He or she must have a computer with internet access
  • Keep activation code with you
  • You must have a valid Email address.
  • Visit website of Multiplication


  • You need to visit website of Multiplication in order to register for Parent account on website. Link of website is given as
  • Scroll the window and click on button marked as “Parent Sign Up” In next page you need to click a radio button to assure that you are agree with terms and conditions and click on button of “Submit”
  • If you are having an Activation code enter in required box and click on button of “Submit code” otherwise click on button of “No activation code”
  • In next step you need to provide your first and last name along with email address and password of strong length.
  • Click the check box to subscribe for monthly newsletter and at the end you need to click on button marked as “Sign up”

Through Multiplication you can lets your child to play E-learning games to build his strong mathematics concepts.

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