Uses of Securit E Cards


Securit E cards are the best Master cards which work as a register member Debit card. The card is allotted by the Missouri Department of Social Science to its registers members. It helps to get the payments to the family Support program. The families who have registered themselves for the child support program under this center. The card is secure and reliable as it’s the new trend in depositing, using or accessing your money from the account.

Methods of Uses

Here are some beneficial uses of this special card for its users.

  • Cash Back With Purchase

In cash with purchase means, that the members or the card holders will get their amount back if they returned their purchase items back to the merchants. This will be accepted by all the merchants to back their money in time to the members. They need to enter their PIN or personal identification number which is given on the card by the company for its usage. This service will be free of cost, as no hidden charges or fees will be paid for using this transaction method through the card.

  • ATM

This method is available on all the ATM’s which displayed Master Card, Central bank and STAR logo. The user needs to enter their Personal identification number in the require box to complete use this transaction method. They have to select the “checking account” type option, as given to access the account. This method is free as no surcharges will be applied on completing this transaction so if they send your surcharge message accept it without fearing of lose of money. With the Withdrawals from the other networks who are not supported by this card will charge you $1.75fee on your card. In case of balance inquiry, you will pay a $0.50 fee on your card balance.

  • Bank Teller

This option is very simple, but take time as the card holder needs to present their card to the bank teller to receive their cash amount. They need to request their desire amount which is under the cash balance of their card to the teller and with signing the check, the amount would be in user hand. This requires a fee which is almost $5.00 on your card

  • Only For Purchase

If you want to purchase or mail your items through phone or online shopping, then this transaction method is handy. It is available for all such kinds of transactions which are made online and need to pay online too. The transaction is free through this method

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