User Kaiser Permanent To Find A Doctor Online


Kaiser permanent is letting you to find a doctor which is near to your location. You can find a doctor online and you build a strong relationship with doctor online. For this purpose you need to find a doctor through a quick search by providing some information about doctor, your location and specialty of doctor.


  • He or she needs to have a computer system with internet connection
  • Visit official website of Kaiser permanent


  • Open official URL of Kaiser permanent to find a doctor nearby your location. Visit website through given link
  • Visit home page of given link and select your location from drop down list and click on button marked as “Go”
  • In next step if you want to find your family doctor click on button of “Choose a doctor now” else click on link of “Search all doctors”
  • In case of “Choose a doctor now” you need to provide “last name, date of birth and medical record number” in relevant fields and click on button of “Sign in to choose”
  • In case of search all doctors you need to select your city, zip code, and distance from your location in relevant fields.
  • Enter name of doctor or keyword in relevant field and identify the “specialty” of your doctor for which you are looking from drop down list and click on button marked as “Search”
  • It will take you couple of doctors that matches with your criteria. Scroll the window to the bottom and find a doctor for which were looking and click on option of “Choose Me” this click will ask you to log in to website and fix an appointment with doctor.

Do you looking for a doctor and you don’t have time to visit hospital personally? if yes then visit Kaiser permanent to avail service of Find a doctor online.


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