The efficiency is like everything good you need today. So, why you should not learn from an organization that is around for more than a century and the organization that has consistently adjusted their operation in order to cut the waste and add the value?

Recently, I had an experience of visiting the Neptune Technology Group’s manufacturing plant that is a supplier of the water meters and the meter reading systems. I found many great practices at there and I promise the other facilities including the private or the public can learn a lot from it.

So, based on the practices found at the Neptune Technology Group’s manufacturing plant, below are the important tips to run the plant operations efficiently and these steps can be followed to get the great results:

Do not overpay for the electricity


The organization is manufacturing thousands of the meters/shift and importantly, the parts of foundry practice are naturally energy-intensive and high-temperature. The company has the work shift from the 3 A.M to the 11 A.M and four days per week.

You should treat the employees like a family member

The employee earnings are inadequate for the time spent by the HR department on enlisting and hiring and also, in the training involved for the every single new employee. Since the 1998, the Neptune doesn’t have even a single layoff. Even by having the strong focus on the efficiency and also protecting the bottom line as well. For them, their first priority is the people and their commitment to their employee welfare program is responded with the loyalty towards the company.


They are making it sure that the employees get the greatest safety while at work and they are protecting them from the bodily harm that is saving the money by keeping the workers on the job consistently and also by reducing the compensation claims from the workers as well as ensuring that the production line will always be up and running in the efficient way.

There were many other aspects those were really paramount and the company is running the plant the way that it ought to be. The same things can be followed and implemented to the other plants in order to get the great results and if we can be able to follow that in the same way, then the plants can produce the great results.

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