US Residents Shocked By Huge Water Bills After Hurricane Harvey Struck Houston


The residents of Houston are not happy folks when it comes to their latest water bills. Some residents have observed shocking rises in their water bills and the overall cost of their water supply has rocketed

So what is going on with the water bills of those affected by Hurricane Harvey just a few short months ago.

Indeed the city of Houston says they are working with homeowners and resident who saw huge eye watering water bills after Hurricane Harvey struck the city in September 2017.

The water utility providers do add that water meters don’t lie about customer usage of their water supply.


Water Utility Providers Making a Fast Buck From YOUR Water Bill?

Several months after the dreadful flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey and regular life for many Houston residents includes not just the gutting and renovating of their water damaged homes and businesses, but sitting in the firing line for massive bills from the water utility companies for the water used during the flood caused by Hurricane Harvey.

“I think I was shocked after talking to neighbors,” one resident said. “It was not just me.”

One Houston resident that we spoke with about the terrible problems with their water supply and the ongoing water bills and costs actually received a bill from their Houston water utility company for $350. Another Houston resident got a water bill for over $1,700. Basically Houston residents have been left completely baffled by their high water bills from the water utility firms and they are not happy people.

“I gave them $200 and that left me with a $1,400 balance on my water bill,” flood victim Jason Mitchell said angrily.

These are desperate people in need in the Houston area. They are the victims of Hurricane Harvey who not only had to evacuate their home as flood waters rose higher and higher, but who came home afterwards to find so much destroyed and their homes, businesses and lives in disarray..

Water Supply Bills Are Out of Control in Houston

The water in their homes was way above the light switches so thats high water indeed. Outside, it was up to the carports and now Houston residents are getting billed for it, not cool they say.

Trista Jamail said what makes it far worse to bear is that she hasn’t worked in a over a month because of the storm damage.

“Unconscionable. It’s not right. Not right at all,” Jamail said.

Should Residents Pay for Water Leaks They Did Not Cause?

Hurricane Harvey
Whose fault is all this water damage in Houston anyway?

Despite firm arguments and protestations from the homeowners that they weren’t here at home, that they evacuated when Hurricane Harvey hit and the city says that all this water was used and charged for. So the city of Houston is only offering them a possibility of lowering the bill ie reducing the charges, they say, by half. These are pretty big water bills in some cases also

“Where does the money come from, I just don’t know how we will cope?”

The city of Houston Public Works Department says a water leak may have been caused by various appliances jostling around in the flood waters that rushed into their homes causing leaks and burst pipes.

Putting the Water Bills Right For Worried Customers

They can’t say exactly what happened to the water supplies of Houston residents during Hurricane Harvey but they are looking at fixing the issue as a top priority. The water suppliers now promise they will work with these homeowners to work out what has happened with their water usage and who if anyone is at fault for the higher than normal water bills. But for now residents can only wonder how they will manage to pay their next water bill.

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