Urban Wastewater Would Be Purchased In The Drought Situation


Irrigation problems are being faced by the farmers of California due to the shortage of water as some of the states of the country are going through the drought situation. To minimize this problem to some extent, farmers have developed a new approach according to which they are going to buy the urban wastewater.

Del Puerto Water Regionis being run by Anthea Hansen in the Central Valley, a hub in California for the farmers, introduced the idea of purchasing wastewater from such source because the district needs to look into various new ways to get the water and solve their issue.

Del Puerto had an access from the Federal Central Valley Project for the supply but this association has been terminated due to the reduction of drought and protections for the fish whose allotment was nil during this year and the previous one.

Hansen told that a stage has come where the growers who had their corps permanent are in a position to survive with difficulty; these growers had the reliance on the surface water. Although the water has been bought by Hansen from the open market source but she is facing the hike in prices therefore she told that the district is in need of a supply on which it can rely for a continuous supply by pricing reasonable price.


A wastewater treatment plant is located in Modesto to which few territories of agriculture which are considered to be the driest, are near and that is why Hansen has chosen the plan to have a source of water for the farmers so that they may overcome the hurdle which is their way for irrigation.

The wastewater treatment plant is being upgraded as well so that it could be made better with the addition of the latest technology of ultraviolet disinfection that would make the water cleaner and better. Although it would not be worthy to be used for the drinking purpose but as per standards of the state, the water will be good enough to be used for irrigation and it would not harm the crops. Quality requirements are must be met by the plant which is the reason this upgradation has been done and almost $150 million are spent on the new equipment.

Will Wong is the Engineering Division Manager for Modesto and he is the one who supervises the engineering and capital planning and projects for all water resources and utilities infrastructure. According to him, Del Puerto Water District was the district which first came in front of us when we offered the treated wastewater available for outsiders.

It is a good decision taken by Modesto as if Del Puerto District had not asked for the treated wastewater, then about 14 million gallons of treated water would have been dumped into the river by Modesto.

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