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Texas Workforce Commission has set the target of providing the workforce development services to the employers and those who need employment in Texas. They help the job seekers to search a job for them and apply for it. In this way, employers can also get offers and the process is assisting in making in the economy of the state and the country flourish.

The searching process is not very difficult. You can just do it by logging into your account that is made at the website of Texas Workforce. You can find 3 different categories including Business & Employers, Community & Workforce Partner and Job Seekers & Employees.

How to Login

  • Before you search a job for you, visit the website of Texas Work Force that is . The categories discussed above are present in the middle among which you will have to select “Search for Jobs at” written in the category of “Job seekers & Employees”.
  • On the next page, “Job Seeker Registration” button is to be clicked. Another page will open that will show you an agreement. Click on “I Accept”. This will take you to the next page where you will enter your personal information like name, email address, user ID and password.
  • If an application has been made for the unemployment benefits, then you will write your Personal Identification Number as well.
  • To get your account secured, security question is to be selected through which you will be able to recover your account anytime if you have forgotten your password. Now click on the “Next” option.

How to Search a Job

  • Job can be found out after registering yourself through the keywords related to the job you are looking for. The keywords will help the website to find the related jobs and they will appear in front of you once you click on “Search” button after entering the keywords.
  • Read the list of the jobs and see the jobs for which you are eligible. Select the jobs and open them by clicking there. Now job description will be opened for you. Read it and then click on “Apply” button.
  • Follow the other formalities required for the application of the job to finish the process.

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