Tycoon To Sell Off Some Of His Property Portfolio


It has been revealed that there is about to be a large amount of real estate hitting the agents as it seems that Robert F.X. Sillerman an entertainment entrepreneur is planning to sell a number of hos properties. It is personal property that is going to be up for sale and it is expected that it is going to be 6 properties that are based in the Hamptons, Manhattan and Anguilla. It has been estimated that the overall cost of these properties is in the region of $107 million.

There is also to be a relisting of a home he owns in Manhattan – a townhouse – and this will now appear on the market for $28 million.

The founder of the electronic dance music organization SFX Entertainment has put up for sale his Southampton ocean fron home that has 8 bedrooms and the people called in to carry out the sale of the $39 million property is Tim Davis of Corcoran Group Bruno Schreck.

It is reported that Trophy Properties are taking control of the sale of the estate based on the island of Anguilla and the price has been put at $19.5 million. This is as well as giving up ownership of three other properties he has on the same island.


It is as yet unknown if the homes will be bought separately but it is though that if someone did go ahead and buy the entire block, they would be purchasing a “global lifestyle” in just one go. This is according to the people tasked with off-loading the town house at 70th Street Caroline Holl of Corcoran.

Mr Sillerman is now 66 and has explained that there are still interests in all of the locations held by himself and his wife Laura. He went on to claim in an email that the reason the sales were going ahead was so as they could “simplify our lives.”

He has decided against putting up for sale any of the other 4 properties that he has in the Hamptons, and he will be keeping the waterfront land that he owns in Anguilla. There are also no plans as yet to sell the townhouse that he purchased just last year for $12 million so it is clear that there are still plenty of places around the world that the couple can go to and still be able to stay in their own home

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