Two New Drugs Found In Lake Of Minnesota


Minnesota which is also known as State of 10,000 lakes is facing some serious contamination issues in its lakes. Recently, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has done a study according to which the lakes and rivers of the state were found contaminated and the cause of this contamination are the pharmaceutical drugs and other chemicals which are not letting them clean.

For the study, 11 lakes and 4 rivers were taken as sample for 125 chemicals and these chemicals have been declared dangerous for the people and the entire environment. Moreover, in that particular research, two chemicals were found which were new for the researchers. These two new drug were Iopamidol and Metformin.

Iopamidol is the drug which is used in X-rays and it was found in the 73 percent of the lakes which were tested. Another chemical Metformin is a diabetes drug which is present in one third of the lakes. The presence of these drugs with this quantity created an alarming situation for Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Study author Mark Ferrey raised a point that it has been found in the previous studies as well that lakes of the Minnesota state were getting contaminated and now this recent study has showed that more and more chemicals which had never been seen before are being found in the lakes and rivers now and this is now the time to stop thinking and searching about the detection of these chemicals rather steps should be taken to find that how much effective these drugs are going to be for the humans and the aquatic life as well.

Further research about the causes of these chemicals needs to be done due which they entered these lakes specially the northern border lake which the most remote lake. Overall results about the presence of the drugs stated that there 27 such harmful chemicals which were present in the lakes which were taken as the sample of the study while if the rivers are taken into consideration, there were 56 chemicals present in the downstream of four wastewater treatment plants and 33 chemicals were those which were found upstream of the wastewater plants.


Apart from these two drugs which were concerned because they were found first time, these lakes and rivers also had pharmaceuticals and street drugs which include a variety of medicines and cosmetics. This contaminated water had cocaine too but there was one chemical which found during the study in most of the lakes. The name of that chemical is DEET which was present in 90 percent of the studied lakes and rivers.

So, more researches should be done as discussed earlier to search the reasons behind the presence of these chemicals and their effects which can be severe for the health of human and even fish living in all of these lakes.

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