Toxic Water Into The Animas River – EPA Claimed The Responsibility


In Animas River of Colorado State toxic water was found be leaked from an abandoned and uncontrolled mine. The responsibility for this spilled toxic water in to the Animas River has been claimed by EPA and said that the breach of a stock of water mixed up with chemicals has been done accidently.

Over hundred miles, the polluted water has spread which is hitting the state of New Mexico. According to the estimation done by the agency, the leakage of the water from that mine is almost 3 million gallons that is three times more than the figure which was told earlier.

EPA has tested the water filled with contaminants and found it consisting of lead, arsenic and various other metals which entered in the Animas River. The speed of the flow of water which was discharged is still 500 gallons per minute.

Did Authorities of the City do anything?


When the incident happened, the city authorities got active and they stopped taking water from the river of Animas for the reservoir through which water is supplied to more than 17000 households of Durango for the drinking purpose. The aim of the officials was to stop water to reach the supply of drinking water. City has another source of drinking water i-e Florida River but still the residents were asked by the authorities that they should use less amount of water and keep their focus on saving it so that they do not have to face any problem in the future regarding the reservoir.

There are people who reside out of the cityhave wells in their use for taking water to drink it and they have been made cautious by the officials of the city that there might be at least one thousand wells which are filled with contaminants. The river has been kept closed for an indefinite period now and the visitors to the river have been asked to avoid it by the sheriff of the county.

EPA has been criticized as well for the way of handling the issue. Complain was made by the New Mexico officials that they were disappointed with the performance of EPA that should have made them cautious about the situation earlier. As a result of their mishandling, the color of the Animas River has turned mustard now.

Local authorities still do not have enough information about the incident of contamination and cause of worry for people of Navajo is the loss in the irrigation of the crops of the members due to the contaminants in the water. Consequently, EPA might have to face the law suit from the officials as well.

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