Register With Ticketmaster To Update Yourself With Events


Ticket Master is allowing you to watch performances of your favorite stars and get updates about recent events. All you need to do is select your favorite celebrity, category of events after than you will get updates about your stars. Through this services you will become able to not to miss your favorite show.


  • You need to have a computer with Internet access.
  • Visit official website of Ticket Master


  • First of all you need to visit website of Ticket Master on given URL link
  • In next step you need to click on arrow “My Account” and click on button of “Sign in”
  • If you are already a member you are required to provide your E-mail address and password and click on button of “Sign In”
  • If you are a new customer you need to register first by clicking on button of “Create Account”
  • In registration form you need to write your first and last name in marked fields.
  • Provide your E-mail address twice to confirm it and enter password in marked fields to protect your account.
  • Enter name of your country from drop down list, add postal code of your area.
  • You need to click on check box in order to sign up for emails.
  • At the end you need to click on button of “Accept and Continue”



Now you can manage your account by selecting your favorite shows, stars, events and keep yourself updated about new happenings. Register yourself with website and keep updated.

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