The Wells Fargo Privacy And Security Policy


The Wells Fargo is the financial provider in the United States which have different financial offers and credit card services for the customers on the internet. The customers could avail its services, by applying online on their desired company services.

Privacy, Security, and Legal

The bank is operating in the United States from last 170 years. With its dedication and secure account services, the bank provides strong private privacy policy which is applied to the customer registered account and for all the services which are offered to the valuable customers online. The information which is entered by the customer for the account, loan or other application, is private and confidential according to the company privacy law.

Special Policies


The categories of the account privacy which are implied by the company on the customer record is as under:

  • Consumer Data Protection

The data which the customer entered into the fields of the application or the login fields are confidential and the private.The data is used only for the access of the customer records and to confirm their data information to maintain the strong and reliable bond between the company and the user.

  • Digital and Cookies Control

The information which is entered on the website of the company by the user is used for the company purpose to provide secure and private services which could make them loyal. The cookies will protect the user data from the third arty websites. If they used the account details in online shopping. All the information would be protected and would be used for the right purpose.

  • Social Security Number Protection

The SSN of the user is used by the company members for the legitimate business which is collected according to the law and regulations of the company.

  • Financial National Bank

Your data is secure. The information which is used by the company is to promote their business, it is for showing the market position through the number of customers which are members of their bank. This information is used by the bank itself on the basis of the privacy law.

  • Health Information

The health information is collected when the company will work as a service agent or need to interact with the customers regarding their applicable services.

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