By passing the bond of almost 7.5 billion doesn’t turn on a tap somewhere in a house. This money will not start floating in the form of water that the people of California wish that they had. First of all the state has to sale the bonds to get the required cash to fulfill the demands of the people. Some of the money was already available and was used at the time of need.

According to a report almost 425 million dollars from the unsold bond is just due to the issues of the environment. By giving the proposition the candidates just gave the authority to use that money for drought related problems. All these old bonds are going to be sold and most important of all they are going to get 7.1 billion in new bonds.

Once it happened, it could take almost ten years when the cash will go to the budget of the government. The legislature of the country gets the improvement in the budget and it’s the duty of governor to add the money in his offer.

The state legislature approval is not required by 2.7 billion of the money. That is where the focus of the debate is still. The proposition does give some clarity on such kind of questions. If the fixed amount of money is for so called projects of the water storage, reservoirs and the water under the ground will be under the control of the water commission of California.

Almost 9 people are appointed by the governor and a lot of water related problems will be solved by this way and we would be able to maintain a standard of fresh drinking water, what will be useful for them.

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