The Water Conservation Techniques Could Aid The Indian Farmers Efforts


The India Meteorological Department has forecasted the high rainfalls in the country. Such rainfalls will also help the farmers to increase the economic growth in the country. The company declared that they should play vital role in the conservation of the water in the country. It is the social responsibility of the companies to provide their funds for the best strategic plans of the water conservation.

The companies like Mahindra Companies, Unilever Ltd, Reliance Industries, JSW Group are others are taking relevant measures in protecting the shortages of the water in the country. They have introduced quality tools in the conservation of the water, could be the aid in the farmer’s efforts in the rural areas. As a result, when the country faces the drought, they could improve the water conditions in the country and build a improving tool to control this water shortage in the country by the strategic planning.

According to the IMD, 68% probability of below average water in the country which could deficient the rainfall in the monsoon in the current year. If such deficiency continues, the India will face the other pathetic year without the monsoon rainfalls.

It is to be believed that this four-month monsoon season, which would be starting from the June is very crucial. According to the weather report, the India is facing an almost 75% rainfall annually for this month, which is from the country’s farmland and has a capacity to feed the almost half portion of the country with this water.


The patterns of the monsoon are very different in all the years. The groundwater and the water conservation recharge could be helpful and it’s impact on the villages which are struck with the drought conditions due to heavy rainfalls.

The India is also facing the same situations as in the California, where the several important tools for conservation of the water are implemented by the authorities. It is to be believed that incoming years, important precautionary measures should be implemented to control the water shortages in the country.

The Indian Water Conservationist Mr. Singh has implemented the precautionary measures for the water conservation in the Rajasthan. He built almost 11,000 bodies for the water-harvesting, which could help the users for their daily uses. According to him, if they would spend almost Rs.1crore, on the 1,000 hectares of land which would be protected the areas, from the heavy droughts, but could be beneficial for the droughts and conserve the water for the future use.   The Indian Unilever is the greatest investor in the water conservation techniques,which spend Rs.100 crores on improving the water conditions in the country. They provide the expenses which support the almost 500 billion of the water liters which is successful and the beneficial up to the decade.

In addition to the 100 billion liters of the water conservation techniques, the almost 6000 villages in the India could get the water for their daily use. The HUL has already introduced the check dams, and ponds for the structure of the water conservation.

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